Sunday, October 6, 2013

What Science Got to Do w. It?

In the 'short' article, Imagination of Disaster by Susan Sontag, we come to realize how common these horror/science film movies are. She gives us 2 different scenarios that we will actually come across in any type of sic-fi movie. She later ons goes and gives us different examples of movies through history of science fiction. As she continues, she illustrates the progression of sic-fi films.
Sontag mentions how science films are not about science. She proceeds to say that they're about disaster. Her opinion is actually valid. Science films are usually about something bad and awful happening and how 'science. can be our hero. This important in the article so we as reader can understand that we use science to learn from it and progress through hardships.
Sontag has a neutral attitude towards science. She seems more informative than bias in this article. This structure suggest that her relationship w. science and science films is something she has studied and knows a lot about...

this was a very complex read.. and not in a good way.

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  1. Where's the rest of your summary, Enosha?

    And why are you telling me about her attitude towards science? The question was about disaster movies :-P