Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Well hello London, I've missed you" (Count Draculas mind)

Guess who has arisen from the dead and is back to unleash a world of pain? 
Can you believe it? Last I heard he crumbled to dust. Now we already knew blood sustained him, but that it would bring him back to life after he was killed? I didn't see that coming. From the 1800's all the way to the 21st century, this vampire is pretty popular. Had he not have been, he wouldn't be able to just simply make such a comeback. What's the huge shocker (especially for those who have read the novel) is who brings him back to life.

Alexander Grayson is the new name Dracula decides to go by. The story takes place in 1890's London. The show opens with a lot of people going into Dracula, or Grayson, or his earlier name, Vlad the impalers home. What is a total shocker is that the person who brings him back to life is the same person that got the group together and worked so hard to see him killed, none other than Van Helsing. Grayson impresses his guests with his wireless power where he lit up light bulbs, wirelessly. A group which goes by The Order of The Dragon didn't like to see this because much of their wealth is from oil holdings. Dracula ends up killing one of the men that seem to not be too happy about his latest invention. He ripped the throat of the man in anger. Pretty gruesome stuff, but of course, this is what we like to see. Grayson seems to want revenge on these Order of the Dragon fellows. He's out for their blood.

Dracula ends up seeing a Miss Mina Murray and seems to catch a strong liking or interest for her. Mina seemed to feel a strange connection to Dracula as well. Meanwhile that's going on Dracula is engaging in a relationship with a woman named Lady Jayne. As I'm sure she doesn't know his true identity, she seems infatuated by him. Lady Jayne might just be the Evil Demon Seductress we were all hoping for to see engage Dracula in combat of love. Hmm, I'll definitely be tuned in next Friday for more blood and gore.

Speaking of which, Stephen Kings "Why We Crave Horror Movies" seems to explain why it is I'm having this craving for more episodes of this blood lusty show. I love to watch these things because I don't get to see people do such things in my life, the blood spurting, fight scenes with fang teeth ready to pierce into skin. Stephen King definitely hit the mark by saying we crave these things from horrors because it's what we like to see more then likely arising from the fact we don't get to see these things on the regular basis.

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  1. Good stuff, George! And great picture :-)

    My wife loves that actor; she sighs every time we pass one of those posters :-)