Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Invasion

    The "Faculty" is a science fiction horror film that was directed by Robert Rodrigues in 1998. The movie is about an invasion of the aliens that wanted to take over the planet Earth by starting at the Herrington High School in Ohio; where a group of teenagers/pupils of that school have realized what's going on and were able to stop it at the end. It all started with the faculty turning into the aliens and spreading the infection to the students and the city, except Casey, Delilah, Stan, Stokey, Zeke and Marybeth. Those six kids managed to stay untouched and came up with the plan on how to stop the aliens, they just needed to kill the main one. However, the new student, Marybeth, was actually the one responsible for the invasion. She was the "queen" and wanted to take over Earth because her planet was dying. At the end the hero, Casey, was the hero, and the city and it's habitants were safe, and the "queen" of the aliens, Marybeth, was destroyed.
     As Susan Sontag wrote in "Imagination of Disaster" the sci-fi films are more about the disasters than they are about science. Author stated that most of the science fiction movies are similar to one another and can be classified by three scenarios that she provided in her article. Analyzing the movie "Faculty" and Sontag's article, I could see the connection or maybe explanation of the plot and structure of this film. Some of the scenes in the movie were possible to see in one or the other scenario. The film had a common disaster - invasion of the aliens, it obviously had a hero, Casey in this case, who saved the city and the planet. The movie itself was predictable and easy to understand and see the path of there it is going and what's going to happen. Maybe because we've seen tons of similar plots, movies before or because Sontag says they are all the same.

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