Sunday, October 6, 2013

The imagination of disaster

       In "The Imagination of Disaster, Susan Sontag shares with her audience the blueprint of science fiction movies. She claims that science fiction movies aren't really about science. Instead they're more focused on disasters. She notes that the core of a good sci-fi "is in the imagery of destruction." The bigger the scale of destruction, the better the movie will be. This was important to her argument because  that statement differentiate a sci-fi movie and a sci-fi novel. The focus on destruction turns sci-fi movies into a different sun-genre.Sontag goes to explain why people enjoy sci-fi. She believes that "it releases one from normal obligation." When people watch the chaos happening on screen, they forget the chaos happening in their lives. It gives people a chance to feel bad for someone other than themselves. Another reason it is so loved is because it embodies the fears and desires of humanity. Some fears include nuclear warfare and depersonalization. One desire of humanity is that the world could unite and fight together against being not from Earth. In this way war against non humans would be justified.
       Even though Sontag has vast knowledge about science fiction films, the tone of the article suggests she isn't a big fan. She claimed that science fiction movies are predictable. So predictable that she gives three scenarios as to how the movie will play out.

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