Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Hero

            “Creating the Myth” written by Linda Seger is about myths in story lines and the universal pattern we continually see in films. Seger explains that all of us have similar experiences and we are following a universal story, the same stories successful films follow. She explains that the term myth means “more than true.” Myths are stories that are lived by all of us, a story that connects and speaks to us all. Seger explains the different types of myths there are in movies. The hero myth is about the journey of the hero, and the transformation from ordinary to hero. The healing myth is about a character that is “broken” and the process they go through to become whole again. Seger says that the best way to work with myths is to let them appear naturally in your writing, if it is forced your work will become rigid and uncreative.
         The movie The Faculty came out in the 90’s. It is a sci-fi movie about a high school that gets taken over by an alien parasite. A group of six unlikely students band together to try and stop the invasion from spreading: Casey, Stan, Zeke, Stokely, Delilah, and Marybeth. Since these aliens thrive in water, they found a drug that acted as a diuretic, which would dry out the aliens and kill them. Along the process they found the members of their little group being turned one by one and eventually it all came to rest on Casey’s shoulders. The leader of all the aliens taking over the school happened to be the new student Marybeth, but Casey managed to lure her into a trap and kill her. In doing this it killed all the other aliens and brought everyone back to normal. Casey became their hero.

      Casey is a perfect example of a hero in a hero myth story.  Seger says that hero stories always start out in an ordinary place, where the hero starts out as a nonhero. In the movie Casey was a loser. He had no friends, and people bullied him. Then she says something will happen to the hero that will set the story in motion. In discovering the new species, he opened up this strange world. He started to notice the change in people all around him. “In any journey, the hero usually receives help, and the help often comes from unusual sources” (337). Casey bands together with a jock, a drug dealer, a popular snob, an outcast pretend lesbian, and the new girl in school. These are the people he comes together with to fix the situation at hand. They go through many challenges, from discovering the alien they were after in their midst, and in trying to maintain their humanity. It came down to Casey being the only one left to finish the mission. Seger mentions a chase scene, which we see when Casey is running from the locker room into the gym where he sets up his trap. In the end he killed the alien and saved the school. Casey went from being a loser to becoming everyone’s hero and in doing so he got the ultimate reward for any outcast loser in high school: he got the girl.

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