Thursday, October 17, 2013

Extraterrestrial New World Order

The faculty is one of many remakes of the 1950's classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Set in a small town in Ohio, aliens have taken over the faculty-staff at Herrington High and are slowly working their way towards the students and the rest of the town. Casey, the school nerd (who is actually quite adorable,) played by Elijah Wood, suspects something weird is going on. It is when he finds a small unknown species, that sets off a chain of events that eventually confirms his suspicions and that of his peers; which consist of the prototypical school jock, the cheerleader, the slacker the outcast/ goth chick and of course there is the "sweeter than apple pie" new girl in town. So now just like every other science fiction horror movie, it now becomes a race against time as Casey and his crew set out to kill the queen bee in order to free their infected little town.

A few of the themes presented in the Faculty are similar to the ones presented in Dracula. The most obvious of course, is fear of foreigners. When the Marybeth character in The Faculty first arrived at Herrington High, no one was really receptive to her, but once it was established that aliens were trying to take over, she became highly suspect. We then see the fear of empowered women in the Stokely character; she was an outcast and a goth chick which basically meant she marched to the beat of her own drum and did not get caught up in female gender roles and because of this, she was labeled a dyke by some of her peers.

Question four, in Reading Pop Culture, regarding Susan Sontag's article, The Imagination of Disaster was interesting because I noticed that Sontag described the alien "takeover" as something that reduced humans to emotionless beings. She states "in these societies reasonableness had achieved an unbreakable supremacy over the emotions. Since no disagreement or social conflict was intellectually plausible, none was possible. As in Melville's Typee "they all think the same." I did not see it that way. I saw the alien takeover as a liberating experience. Most of the female facility were stuffy and uptight but when they became infected, they were more uninhibited. They styled their hair, wore makeup, and wore clothes that were appealing. I also think that the takeover allowed humans to reach their full brain potential as noted in one of the last scenes between Casey and the queen, the queen mentioned that in the new world, so to speak, the jock could be smart and there would be no anger, fear, or attitude. A world without fear, anger, or attitude may seem emotionless to some but I think that if you were to reach your full brain potential, there would be no need to exert such negative emotions. Life would be far from boring because there would be so many intellectual, spiritual, physical and positive emotional experiences available to you. The world will literally be your oyster.

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