Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Faculty Directed by Robert Rodriguez, launched in the football field where the couch apparently was possessed by a strange worm. The mission of this outside world worm was to infect the popular staff and students who then would transfer the worm to the rest. Casey was the unpopular kid who was shy, quiet, kind of smart looking student, and part of the school newspaper for which the so called popular ones bullied him. Stokely, the dark, mysterious who read sci-fi books, kept her personal life under the mask of the belief that she was a lesbian. One of the popular ones Delilah, mean but beauty girls, also captain of the cheerleader squad, dated Stan, the captain of the football team. He also formed  part in the set of the popular group. However, Stan made a sense that everybody in the school spoiled him because of being captain of the team. Zeke neither a popular nor unpopular danced the limbo of both ways, but he was smart enough to own an illegal business of fake IDs and drugs. His knowledge and charm captivated the shy and attracted new girl, Marybeth. She moved from another school  and found herself to be alone without any friends. At lunch time, Cacey discovered a dry worm, which he carried to the science laboratory where the professor thought that he had unfolded a new species of worm-but it seemed to an anbifio species because of reliving in water, in the football field. While Casey and Delilah sought for a new headline for the school journal, they witnessed the couch and other teacher infect the school nurse with the alien worm. Casey brought the accident to the attention of the police, after observing the case scene, disbelieved Casey's accusations. Therefore, Casey chatted with Stokely, who in theory knew about alien invasions. Both follow by Delilah and Stan entered the laboratory where the worm was just to find the species was gone. After Zeke and Marybeth enter too, the laboratory professor tried to infect everybody in the room, but it was controlled when Zeke poked one of the teacher's eyes with one of his drug pens. From then on, the hypothesis the possibility of being the only ones uninfected, and the chances to save the town from the invasion. They came a consensus that if the queen died everything the was infected would turn to normal. So, they hunted the alien queen at school. When it gave the impression all hopes were gone Marybeth revealed her true identity as the queen alien which escaped her world to share a life without worry or divided. Casey at realized the he was the only one left to kill it, he strived courage to do the job. Finally, after the queen died everybody recovered its human body, and a month later everything seemed to be normal. Nonetheless, popular and unpopular ones came together in the end like Casey and Delilah. 

In the above sci-fi movie the director Robert Rodriguez plays with the myth the outsiders usually enter one's city to somehow control native residents. This myth is said to be "common in all cultures" according the argument established by Linda Seger writer of Creating Myth. Beauce of the uneasy feelings the plant with the natives, often parents tell kids not to talk with strangers. If one looked back at the history of the country, one could find the foreigners conquered the land and changed the lifestyle. So, the evidence makes one to fear newcomers. Consider, In Dracula by Bram Stoker also pointed out the that society fear foreigners mostly if they looked like human, for it could not be identified as a monster. The monster itself in the The Faculty has the sense to be an alien, for Marybeth, the outside visitor, doe not fit and have any friends in school. For the reason maybe she uses the outfit of the human mask as the Count Dracula fixed his accent to fit in Longdon. Here, the hero, Casey, does not have physical strenghten or the skills to act alone that would make him depend on the different capacities that the rest has. For example, when the teacher attacks them in the laboratory room, Zeke is who fights and by chance discovered that his drug could kill the alien. When they figure out that they must kill the queen, Stokely is who gives the first hint. In the end, Casey uses the Zeke's weapon and Stokely knowledge. He becomes the hero because he manages not to get infected and applies any ability possible to defeat the creature.            


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