Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Depths of Fast Food.

My close reading is Don't Blame the Eater by David Zinczenko. By the title, it is evident that the argument that Zinczenko is representing is that the eater or the consumer of the fast food products cannot take the entire blame for their obesity and diabetes. Zinczenko is also refers to a conter argument. In his introduction, he talks about how many people believe that they should take responsibility for their own eating habits. Later on in the passage, he mentions how they say people should have common sense not to eat at a fast food restaurant twice a day. However, Zinczenko s disagreeing with the idea that is is the consumer fault. He believes that because of the lack of information of what people are eating i.e. nutritional facts and FDA labels, consumers are not aware of the harm that they may be causing to their own body or children. Also he argues that the in many neighborhoods (most poor communities) are not privileged to have affordable restaurants that serve more balanced meals.

We haven't encountered any arguments in class about fast food, however outside of classroom, I have had my own argument about eating out. Actually I myself eat out at fast food restaurants very often. When I do eat out, I try to eat the good alternative instead. For example, at Wendy's, I'll the Asiago Chicken Sandwich. But instead of crispy, I'll get grilled because grilled chicken has less oil and fat compered to it's fried alternative. Because of my active schedule, I usually have to eat out, And if I do, I know that certain foods are a better option & moderation also lead to healthy results.


  1. Enosha!!! if i am not mistaken.. Asiago is cheese (cheese is SOOO BAD FOR YOU) ... also, what kind of bread is that sandwich made with? girl... cut up some fruit.. grill/boil chicken and some broccoli and you have a meal! :) or special K... their meal bars and shakes are very very good

  2. You've got some good answers here, Enosha, and I hope you take that gaze to whatever article you're going to analyze in your Close Reading essay.

    Asiago is cheese, but how is it bad for you?! It's full of Vitamin D, protein, and calcium! Granted, if you eat it all the time, it's probably not great for digestion ;-)