Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"The Art of Immersion" for the "non-intellectual" fellas.

                   In Gerald Graff's Hidden Intellectualism, the idea of one being "only" intellectual through academics means is sillier than a clown getting smashed with a cake purposely (which i find it NOT funny at all).  This idea that existed even before Graff's teenage years is still going on, but at least not as gravely as the old times and why is that? because now many people that have realized this tragic matter and are getting into action.  For example what i mean is that i have noticed that many professors are using Graff's theory into their classrooms; immersing the students into their own personal interests and then "eventually get to On Liberty" (what a scam! how dare they lure us that way! Lol). 

                    In Graff's article he points out how difficult it was for him to "fit in" in with the hood in his teenage years (by the way did noticed how sad it is that people are STILL being separated because of social class) because he "looked" smart and was part of the middle class when little did they know that he himself thought he was not intellectual because he was into sports.  And little did HE know until he realized that he himself was engaging into an intellectual plateau with his arguing and analyzing about sports.  I mean think about it, no one likes to hang out with the ones who think they are better than you, but it doesn't stop there.  Through his "suffering" he noticed that he like many others "were not simply hostile toward intellectualism" but instead "divided and ambivalent".  By engaging oneself (student) in subject matters that interest us makes us think more, submerse ourselves more, be more openly thoughtful about the subject than the opposite when we frustrate ourselves because we HAVE to read something that we don't understand and to make matters worse, long.  I mean come on how many students don't i know that have passed philosophy classes with flying colors and don't apply it to the real world because they don't understand it, they just did what they were told to do.  Even many philosophers like the old old mentors we use now to learn from even said that there is not greater classroom than the real world.

                          So, in accordance to Graff's i can say too that being street smart doesn't mean one is "not smart" because he is not "intellectually and academic smart", its just that he or she haven't gotten their chance to show their skills. By using Graff's theory and polishing the gem through self motivation with personal interests, any teacher would get rich; not all diamonds are found perfectly cut and clear, they don't shine brightly when they are just found, as a matter of fact they are very ordinary.  They have to go through a process in order to become perfect and then go to the market.  So in other words, a street smart person is actually smarter because he already brings to the classroom tools that he learned from outside when others have to learn it in classroom.  The article reminded me of this example: "If in a job interview, who do you think would get hired? A person that has great experience in the field even though he doesn't have a degree or someone that just graduated with an amazing degree but has never put hands-down in the job?.

                 I somewhat felt a little of pressure when writing about the article because i didn't write about it with much time than what i could have.  Didn't have much distraction but because of the self pressure it was a little hard to hear my own thoughts but still tried to keep honestly as much as possible. Read it in one piece and took a few less notes than what i usually do in the margins. I felt the reading engaging because it was something that i talked about before.  Not many parts were confusing and when they were i re-read them again in a slightly loud voice and for the words i didn't understand, well i always have a dictionary next to me and write the meaning on the margins next to the words even though it pains me sometimes.  Didn't need to re-read this article, sometimes i need with others, other than all of this, i found the article to my liking; saw many greats examples that i've experienced and seen in the real world.

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  1. Rereading aloud is a great idea! I'm surprised you're the first one to mention it!