Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Street Smarts VS. School Smarts

In Hidden Intellectualism by Gerald Graff, Graff is tackling the topic of street smart vs. school smart and its effect on human society. He uses himself as an example at times to explain his reasoning for saying, “street smart beat out book smarts in our culture.” As a child Graff would hide his intellectualism in fear of getting beaten up by the “in crowd”. Little did he know he was further preparing himself to better his intellect skills through debates and controversies with his peers about sports and such topics that they were interested in.
            I started out to read this piece in my room sitting on my bed, I got very sleep however so although the Hidden Intellectual write was only four pages long I had to put half of it off for the next day in a different setting. I finished reading it in the library at school. I took a nap in between my break given I didn’t get much sleep last night and read the story after that.
            I don’t remember coming across any part in the text I didn’t understand, the author did a good job at allowing the reader in and being able to see and understand what he meant. I took notes as I read on interesting parts in the story where I may need to come back and refer to in the future. I wrote all of my notes down in my notebook on a blank sheet of page. Being mixed in with my class notes is a good place for my notes to be. I noted some main points, or at least what I believe to have been main points. I looked at my notes to write my summary.

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