Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Street smarts vs. Book smarts, no competition

The article “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff starts off by comparing street smarts to the more traditionally accepted book smarts. Street smarts seem to equate low intelligence, no schooling and delinquency. Graff then goes on to give a account of his experience with such things flipping the widly accepted view on it's head with the notion that society fails to accept the inherent smarts and intellectualism is various sports magazines and the like.

Since the bus was taking 4 days to come, I decided when it finally came I would love nothing more then to read my English 24 homework! Half of the article was read on the bus and the other half was read once I was home. I read it again this morning and took notes/ annotated a little this time so the reading would be fresh in my mind. I marked things that seemed especially interesting to me (like the fact the society of today and the 1950s almost pushes school aged people to be seem as “street smart” rather then book smart to fit it.), language I liked (“...'What you lookin' at smart ass?', as the leather-jacketed youth once said to me as he relieved me of my pocket change and my self-respect.”) and even words I didn't understand ( oneumanship, pedagogical.)To be honest, I don't normal read reading assignments over before writing my blogs, perhaps maybe a quick skim of certain parts or something but nothing more.

I really enjoyed this article because it gave me a vastly different perspective on street smarts versus book smarts and the inherent value of each. After all, it's that what a good piece of writing should do? Inform you, teach you and broden your horizons?   


  1. Nice structure . Although none if these paragraphs may seem to go together, they flowed smoothly w. one another.

  2. Funny stuff, Collette :-) Something for everyone to consider that, so far, no one's addressed, is why teachers don't do this. Thoughts?