Thursday, October 31, 2013

Searching for Evidence

          The reading that I choosed was The End of White America by Hua Hsu, who applied several sources to clarify the slow decline of the white race as identity. Specially, he uses Fitzgeral's narrative The Great Gatsby from which he brings the ideal white race identity from the 20's and meets with the changes of the idea today. 
          Instead of going more in depth in Fitzgeral's writing, I took a different approach to comprehend the book in matter and Hsu's respond to white America identity. Consequently, I searched for opinion journals that could tell me a little more about the period in which The Great Gatsby was printed. 
          The New Yorker: All ThaT Jazz "The Great Gatsby" by David Denby depicts the early beginnings of the book and the dissatisfaction of the reader and media. The book fell flat with poor sales and public commentaries which could add extra weight to the decaying health of the author who beside struggle with alcoholism needed public recognition and money. What started in the nineteen-thirties as a failure production, currently, the Unit States trade-paperback edition sell half million copies every year since "Gatsby" surfs the tile of a struggling America and yet self-created.  When 1925 Fitzgeral sent copies of the script to several authors who printed back thank-you notes, the authors categorized the writing as a modern piece. Actually, the book have become film plays the most recently was the hyperactive 3D version by the Autralian director Luhrmann. That book as it is set the tone of a social striving for class differentiation, and the power of an old money versus new money. It lays the landscape of social prejudice, cheating, love and the entrance of Jazz music. By contras, the 3D movie delivered poorly in screen scenes, for scenes the book set as motional moment, now they are barely a frantic jumble. Even the Jazz, which Fitzgeral put it to imply the social division, was debased with redolent of the genre. Maybe, the changes were made with the intention of attracting young audiences, but as translation of a book that have been part of in some level of the 
America story seemed to lose the insight of the book. 
          At first view, maybe the article does not relate to Hsu's opinion, but it gave me the understanding of Fitzgeral's "Gatsby" as evidence of the ups and downs of the identity in the Unit States. Also, that the book was used in screen plays means that other individuals either purposely  or not may have similar ideas that Hsu. 


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