Sunday, October 6, 2013

Science is the higher knowledge

       The article “the imagination of disaster” by Susan Sontag is about science fiction films and how they are not about science, but about disasters. The author gives two examples of the science film scenarios. Both models are very similar, but one is for the bigger budget films and another is for the lower budget. Susan Sontag shows to the readers that all of the science fiction movies are the same or basically have the same idea of the hero's adventures and abilities or the disaster. The disaster is what the science fictions films are about, she says. They use science to show that with higher powers and knowledge we, people, can concur the invaders, monsters, aliens and nature disasters. The science improvements are our advantage if only we would use it for the good and not for bad. That is also the morality of science films. To show that this knowledge can also destroy us and our planet. In my opinion, the author is neither dislike the science fiction film nor does she like them. The author seems to know about this subject a great deal and has her own neutral position about it.

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  1. Wow. This is REALLY concise, and I think you hit on everything. We would like some Evidence for your Claims, though ;-)