Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sci-fi movies causing havoc

          In the reading "The Imagination of Disaster" by Susan Sontag, Sontag writes about science fiction films and disaster films are alike and gives away the reasons behind the meaning.  Shesays how  basically science fiction films, well suck, and are very much predictable.  From the 1900's to modern day, sci-fi movies have had very similar outlines, or exactly the same ones, and I must say I agree with her on that one.  But we keep going to the movies and watching these films even though we know the outcome.

          Susan Sontag writes "science fiction movies are not about science.  They are about disaster, which is one of the oldest subjects of art."  In these films we are fascinated by the sight of our world coming to an end or aliens taking over the planet.  This reminds me of Stephen Kings "Why We Crave Horror Movies" when King says how we as humans are all a little insane.  He begins saying how watching horror films gives us that excitement that we need in our life in order to stay sane and although horror films are also very predictable, we always go to watch them on the screen anyway already knowing what is going to happen.  These two readings are very much alike in that they both say we crave this feeling of seeing horrific acts of madness happening.  Sontag explains how without the effects and images of massive destruction, nobody would want to see a science fiction movie when she writes "and it is in the imagery of destruction that the fore of a good science fiction film lies." (Sontag 321)

          Susan Sontag is known for her writing about "high" art and culture but her attitude towards popular science fiction is very poor.  You can immediately tell Sontag is not a fan as she bashes on these films and novels.  "The movies are naturally weak just where the science fiction novels (some of them) are strong-on science."  Although her knowledge of sci-fi is extreme, Sontag just does not enjoy them.  She explains how the images capture out attention but the story line is just plain old boring!


  1. i'm actually confused a little--- when reading i knew she wasnt a fan of sci-fi, but then why write 15 pages on it? maybe you were able to figure it out?

    1. I totally agree with you, Heaven! Maybe she really didn't enjoy writing it but felt as if she had to to get her opinions out?

  2. That's very true! Why write a 15 page article about something not of your interest? But I totally agree with collette I think she was proving a point and stating her own opinion on science fiction films

  3. i could hardly finish reading it! not sure how she could even write it! oh wellll.. see you in class

  4. Good post, Amanda!

    But reading all these comments, I think we need to have a discussion about the difference between "criticizing" and "bashing." I don't think Sontag dislikes sci-fi films at all; in fact, I think she's only able to write a whole book on the subject because of how much she likes them. That's just my take, however.

  5. I think Susan Sontag is just trying to show to the readers what sci-fi is really about. She seems more neutral in her statements, she gives lots of examples on that matter and looks like she has done a great deal on the research. But, i can agree with Amanda, Heaven and Collette that 15 pages is too much, however she needed all of this pages to support her opinion with bunch of evidence and examples.