Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sci Fi, Maybe Not So Boring After all...

The Faculty was a science fiction/ maybe horror film created in the late 1990’s. (Usher was in it, but his character was totally irrelevant) The setting of the film takes place in Ohio and mostly on a high school’s grounds. The main characters involve a group of teens who are trying to figure out exactly how to stop the aliens that have invaded the school. It starts when the football coach, Coach Willis harasses the school’s principal, Ms. Drake with the help of the music teacher who stabs Ms. Drake with a PENCIL!  Next scene is where Casey, a science geek finds a sort of organism on the football field and brings it to the biology lab where Professor Furlong has mentioned he had no idea what it was. What they did find was if the specimen was exposed to water it became alive and replicated itself. Well slowly the whole school gets taken over. Casey, Stokely, Mary Louis Hutchinson (from Atlanta), Delilah, Zeke and Stan all work together to find a way to stop it. Come to find out, Atlanta girl was the one to blame. The person who doesn’t end up transforming and killing the creature is Casey by running throughout the gym and having the bleacher stairs close in on it and exposing it to some made up drug draining it of all bodily fluids.  Pretty stupid huh? But still actually kind of catchy because it was hilarious.
Linda Seger wrote the article Creating The Myth. According to Seger, a myth is a search story, a common story at the root of our universal existence. A myth is more then true…(335). She says that in The Hero Myth, it takes place in an ordinary surrounding by an ordinary individual, no one special (336). After watching The Faculty and reading this article it’s apparent that Casey is this ordinary person, or the hero who sets out to complete a task, just like Seger says. Casey won’t gain anything great from following through to find the origin of this alien invasion at his school but he is eager to find it and bring it to a cease. In step 4 of The Hero Myth, Seger states that the hero usually receives help (337). In reference to The Faculty, Casey’s help is 5 of his peers (well minus Atlanta girl since she’s the actual root of the problem) who are all different. A jock, a school newspaper editor, a pretend lesbian, and a drug supplier. They don’t have powers that can help come to a conclusion but they all become engaged after seeing their teachers transform.

Seger’s article was definitely a lot more interesting than Sontags. She isn't dishing out loads of useless information on movies we have never seen or heard of before. She states her point and backs it up. Quick and Easy. And a lot of it applied to the film we watched in class.


  1. Your post was similar to mine so I obviously agree with everything! Espeically about Sontags being very boring and a whole lot of useless info , that's why I picked Segers article instead. I was actually interested and understood what I was reading

  2. exactly! couldn't explain it any better then what u just said :) it just made sense. i was actually able to read it only once and know what was going on

  3. Good stuff! Sorry you hated Sontag ;-)