Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sci-fi film addicts

   Chapter 12 "What's Motivating This Writer?" in the book They Say/I Say by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein is about "reading for the conversation." Authors explain to us how to find writer's arguments and how to use it in our own writing. To find "they say" and author's response "I say" as well as reading the text as a conversation the author may have with the opponents/readers and to become more engaged with the reading itself. The chapter also teaches us how to identify the hidden "they say" by "constructing it ourselves based on the clues the text provides" (150). Furthermore, author gave us more examples on why readers can struggle in identifying the "they say, I say" because the "language and the concepts they are dealing with are particularly challenging" (152). There authors suggest that we, the readers, should translate it into our own words in order to better understand it.
    Susan Sontag's "Imagination of Disaster" illustrates how sci-fi films are basically about disasters than they are about science. Author also argues that all the sic-fis' are similar to one another and too predictable "A typical science fiction film has a form as predictable as a Western, and is made as classic as the saloon brawl..." (317). Sontag states that sic-fi movies are popular art works and can be very addictive "Science fiction films are one of the most accomplished of the popular art forms, and can give a great deal of pleasure to sophisticated film addicts" (317). I agree, especially that the author writes about this matter in mid 1960's comparing with what we have nowadays. The science films are still very much predictable, but we keep going to see those films. The question to the writer would be "what's motivating her to write about sci-fi movies for so many pages?" Does she likes this genre of films or dislike it?" In my opinion, as i mentioned in my previous blog, I think the author has a big interest in the genre of science fiction, but remains neutral about her statements. The motivation to write on this subject was probably that for so many years the film and scenario of it has changed much and she just wants to see something new, something different unlike those regular scripts.  

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  1. Good stuff, Mariya. Be sure to include quotes from the article to support your answers to these questions.