Thursday, October 31, 2013

Once death but not any more

           After reading the book it was surprisingly well received the news that Dracula would be a TV series, but it made wonder what type of genre would it fell in. The good thing is that Dracula could take avenue since the book itself touches several points of social fears and desires. So, with this in mind I watched the Dracula "The blood is the Life," on Hulu. 

          The Dracula the new TV series base on the original book with the same name by Bram Stoker brought an unexpected twist to beginning with. Dracula, who is discovered by treasure hunters, takes the mask of an American business man. In other instance, Harker, Mina, and Lucy almost play similar roles with the book, with the exception of Mina, who study medicine. As those shifts in the play took place, new characters jumped to stage such as the rich men who controlled oil and energy businesses. The astonishing scene was the party where Dracula had a flashback of his lovely wife who much look like Mina since then the theme of desire got set. Nevertheless, Dracula's intentions in London are to seek revenge for the death of his love ones and to make paid the rich social class of the time. Then the story turns to the left.

          Dracula in this case makes remarks of the movie The dark night, which almost has a similar concept, due to  Greyson, Dracula, feels that the only way to make justice for the death of inhabitants of his time si to take justice with his own hands. Likewise, Batman fights crime because his family dies in a mugging accident. As a result, the show's tone coins to action and romanticism. Greyson like Batman during the day are mysterious wealthy individuals who try to learn or to be part of the society and at sun set spy those who planted suspicious attitudes and hunt them down. 
          If this TV show is meant to germinate some horror and suspense feelings upon the audience then it is not in the right track. However, if it is a show about an unhuman hero fighting against the evil wealthy people whose ambitions cannot be satisfied and therefore keep burying the society in poverty, yes the show is okay. Otherwise, it follows almost the same patter of many shows with their heroes winning the battle between good and bad, and the love of the princes.  



  1. Yes that's right! Mina has a profession. She's not just waiting around for Jonathan and making her whole life revolve around him. The creators of the show Cole Hadoon and Daniel Knauf really updated the story with the aim of making it more appealing to a younger and probably female demographic.

    1. It's really interesting that Mina's profession has become a central conflict of the story. Her and Harker almost break-up because she doesn't wanna leave it once they're married!