Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nothing Like This Would Happen in Boys & Girls High School in Brooklyn.*

High School might have been 'weird' for some, but in Herrington High - a local school in Ohio - there was something that you can't compare. In a 90's movies called The Faculty a parasite takes over a school. 6 teenagers including, a drug dealer, ex-jock, head cheerleader, a loner, a nerd and a new girl are trying to prevent their school and town from being the source of an alien revolution. After they have noticed that their school's Faculty members were possessed, the students we're also changing. Conveniently, they all met up in their biology classroom discussing what may be the parasite causing this disarray. The possessed lab teacher enters the class room and tries to change the rest of the student. Accidentally, the students find the cure, the drugs that the drug dealer sells, and are trying to save their town. However, one by one the clique of students are becoming a host for the parasites. They finally get to the school and once the head cheerleader and the ex-jock are now one of them, they have to find the queen of these parasites before it's too late. Then the plot twist, out of the last four teens who are not parasite-controlled, the new girl decided to show her true skin. The odds of success for the human  students to save their town are slim to none now that the New Girl/Queen of these Parasites has taken over the loner's body. Once you start to believe that a movie is actually going to end where the bad guys may actually win, the nerd saves the day by trapping and injecting the drugs in the Queen's eyes. And of course, everything goes back to normal as if nothing ever happened.. well except for a few dead teachers here and there.

According to Linda Segar, author of Creating the Myth, The Faculty has fulfilled the idea of hero myths. There's 10 steps of heroes myths. First, is an ordinary life. All 6 teens live in a mundane, typical high school. They're living what they consider their roles in their normal lives. Second, is something new entering the heroes lives. The parasite that Casey, the nerd, found in the football field. Third is reluctancy, All 6 students are reluctant to work together because of status quo. Fourth, is the help or knowledge gained. Zeke, the drug dealer, examines the parasite and learns that drying out the parasite kills it off. Also Stokley, the loner, informs the group that if the Queen is destroyed, the town will be saved. After, the group of heroes know what to do, they're ready to fight this problem and save the world. The group starts to head to the school to find the source to their problem. Here is the climax, something happens that creates the heroes to react. Miss Drake(one of the Faculty), enters the gym with the 6 teens and tries to make them 'one of them'. Zeke shoots her and then Marybeth, the new girl, pours the drugs on Miss Drake to kill her completely. After this, it's time for the story to hit rock bottom. Stan, the ex-jock, has been effected as well as Delilah, the head cheerleader, so now theres only 4. Now it's time for the heroes to overcome their problems. Casey and Zeke has to find more drugs to save the day. And now Marybeth starts to show Stokely her true skin. she reveals herself as the Queen Parasite and tries to convert her. Now it time for the hero to truly save the day. They got the drugs know how to win the war. Marybeth tries to convert Casey & chases him into the gym. he decides to go through the Bleaches has it closes & trap Marybeth. After it traps her, he stabs the drugs into her causing her to evaporate & turn everything back to normal. Lastly - the heroes saves the day and the way of life is different. Now that the town is back to normal, the clique of unexpecting heroes are now closer. Casey isn't a nerd but the hero, Stokely isn't a loner and the rest of the clique are satisfied with the new way of being(Although it's 5 now instead of 6).

Truly, I knewwhat was going happen once the teens found the cure. It was obvious, but this is what pulls us in, knowing that the hero/es actually succeeded. Cause if they can overcome something major, we can overcome any minor situation.

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