Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Imposter

In the film we have watched "The Faculty" there was a creature that spreads around by a person opening their mouth and the creature has teeth, duplicates and one goes in the next person ear. They have said that this was a new creature they have not seen before, and it only duplicates by being in a moist area. The creature came from the new girl in the school who wanted to be cool with Casey, Zeke, Stan, Delilah. The film took place in Ohio at a High School where nothing goes wrong but hey there's first time for everything. The first person to receive the new creature was the football coach, when he got it he gave it to one of the teachers then started chasing the principle Ms.Drake around the whole school after they had a faculty meeting late at night.The whole football team was forced to go to the nurse office to get an ear check to make sure they don't have an ear infection was the excuse to get them in the room. When that happened the team tried to get Stan back on the team so he can join everyone else on the team and get it also, he eventually gets it at the end of the movie when they thought everything was over and he checks on the football field to see if everyone was finallly acting normal again. For Casey to become the Hero he did a very smart thing and that was go under the bleachers and notice that it would squish the head creature leader, that was when he used his street smart.

Seger says that hero stories always start out in an ordinary place, where the hero starts out as a non-hero. From the film we have seen this happen from the High school being an ordinary place  and Casey saving everyone, he is a very big hero that no one would have thought would of happened. When I first saw the movie I thought Zeke would of been the Hero, well he actually was the Co-Hero becasue he found out that his famous drug he makes himself can kill the creature/alien by the human sniffing it or putting it in their mouth or getting stabbed by the pen which it was in.


  1. Yes, I also think Zeke was the co-hero. So many people assume Casey was the hero because he was nerdy and this is a sci-fi movie. But when you see the movie posters for the film, Zeke not Casey is at the center. Just goes to show you how stereotypes can cloud our judgments and keep us from seeing reality as it truly is. Just check out this link:

    Plus, as Graff would say, it took real knowledge of chemistry for Zeke to build that laboratory and manufacture his own narcotics, so he is just as intelligent as Casey. He just needs to apply that intelligence to something positive.

  2. What about Stokely?
    With out her (and her love for sci-fi comics) it would've taken them a much loner time to figure out the moves they should make. I think that she can be seen as a co-hero as well.....I don't think there really is a clear cut hero.

    1. Yes, it was definitely a team effort but we got to personally know Casey and Zeke in a way we did not get to know the other characters. We got to see Casey and Zeke's home, learn something about their family, all of which suggest they were more integral to the main story line. Stokely was important but she was more of a supporting character.

  3. Great post and conversation here :-)