Monday, October 14, 2013

Myths as seen via cheesy 90s movies

The Faculty was a late 90s movie about aliens trying to take over a sleepy Ohio town starting with the high school students. The movies follows our main cast of characters: Casey Connor ( the geek), Delilah Profitt (the cheerleader), Stokely 'Stokes' Mitchell (the outcast), Marybeth Louise Hutchinson (the exchange student), Zeke Tyler (the "bad' boy), and Stan Rosado (jock turned nerd); and how they come together despite their differences to defeat the alien takeover. Think Breakfast Club with aliens instead of detention.
The movie really picks up when Casey finds a mysterious new species of cephalopod and then brings it to the science teacher. After being revived in water, it bites the teacher and goes on to infect most of the faculty. After much convincing, the rest of our main crew ban together in efforts to formulate a plan to stop the alien takeover from spreading any further. It's almost too late when they realize that the “queen bee” of the aliens was really the new student, Marybeth. Casey steps up to the plate and becomes the hero when he kills Marybeth, therefore releasing everyone from the alien's control.
Linda Seger's article Creating the Myth is a very interesting piece. It by giving us a general overview of why the myth is important to us on both a personal and universal level. She says that myths call upon something in all of us, a story that we can relate to one some level. She then lists the different types os myths and provides some explanations and examples of each. Getting into even more detail and dividing the article into sections she talks extensively about the hero myth, the healing myth, combination myths, archetypes within myths, “mythic” problems and solutions and lastly the application.

I think The Faculity was a hero myth there are elements that follow Seger's steps quite closely but not to the tee.
1. There is the hero (or even heros), Casey being the most obvious but Stokely can also be seen as a hero (it can be said that Stan follows this pattern as well.)Casey doesn't outwardly express his unhappiness but you can tell he is not content with his place in the school. Stokely however, is more outwardly unhappy but doesn't seem to want a change. (Stan follows this pattern closely he is a jock, popular and a star in school yet he in very unhappy and seeks to make a change by focusing on his school work.)Almost no one, especially his girlfriend Delilah. 2.The “something new” part would obviously be when Casey discovers that alien on the football field. For Stokely this could also be true since she is in Caseys science class but meeting Marybeth can also work for her.
3.As stated before, Casey doesn't seem to have any motivation to change while Stokely is even more reluctant.
4. Casey receives help from the rest of the gang, including Stokely who is really the key to taking down the aliens.
5. They are ready to move forward when everyone is finally convinced of the alien takeover plan and realize something has to be done.6. The tests would be when they brainstorm as to what could put an end to all of this and find out Zeke drug cocktail destroys the aliens.
7. When Casey is trying to explain to his parents and the police what he and Delilah witness in the teachers lounge and they do not believe him. His parents even punish him for it

8.Casey takes charge when he decides to take matters into his own hands no matter what the cost.
9. The famous chase scene can be seen as when Zeke uses Casey as a diversion while he goes and gets more drugs from his car.
10. Lastly, the transformation is clearly seen by the end of the movie. Casey is now included...even popular. Stokely is accepted by the crew and even finds a love interest (even though she had to chance herself in the process.) And everybody is happy and content.

There are a few archtypes that can be seen in this movie:
The wise old man = Stokley
The good mother = Zeke (who can obviously also been seen as the shadow figure) 


  1. Hi, so you agree with Seger's argument that a hero cuold come from anywhere and that every day actions form part of most of the movies.