Sunday, October 13, 2013

Movies, stop being so predictable!

          The science fiction/horror film The Faculty is about a group of teenagers forming together to try and kill the "queen bee" alien that is taking over the town.  When Casey is eating lunch outside on the football field one day he notices a creature on the floor and takes it to his professor where they discover it's a cephalopod.  After this creature disappears, the kids start to notice everyone acting strange and Casey detects aliens are taking over and confesses to a group of kids at his high school.  All of them find the cure and know in order to get everyone back to normal they must kill the queen bee alien.  But who is it?  After killing and changing almost everyone into an alien, we then figure out the new girl that just moved there Marybeth,  was the queen.  The movie ends happy where Casey, the last one standing, kills Marybeth, and everyone in the town then turned back to their normal self.  And of course, all the kissing scenes at the end of movies happened where Casey gets the girl.
          In the article Creating the Myth  by Linda Seger, Seger writes about most movies being myth movies.  Myth movies are actually the stories in the film that relate to our own life.   "Myths are the common stories at the root of out own universal existence." (Seger 335) and she says that most successful films are actually based on these universal stories.  Seger begins to explain how  we begin to identify ourself in these films and that's why we keep going back to see them, even though they are very predictable.   Seger brings up the "hero myth".  She writes 10 basic steps about how most heroes are portrayed in movies and I've got to say as I was reading them, I was saying to myself, she's so right!  But as I was reading these steps I thought back to the movie The Faculty and I thought of one of the main characters Casey, who actually relates to all of these steps.  Seger says the hero at first is someone who is very ordinary, innocent ad young.  Then discovers something and finds help with unusual sources, the hero overcomes the obstacles and saves the day, where at the end he is transformed and lives in this new type of life.  This is screaming Casey, and a lot of other movies I have watched in my life. He is just a regular kid at school, finds something during lunch, and with the help of some unusual kids he's not used to being around or even talking to, works together to save the town and of course then gets the girl and becomes popular all over the news stations.  Seger is saying how put together all these movies are in a similar way and we've seen them all before but we keep watching these similar movies knowing the outcome, and seeing The Faculty was a perfect example of that.  This article really opened my eyes that I see way to many myth movies.  We all grew up with myths and these films we watch are us as humans in one way or another.


  1. You are right! Segar does bring a good points in her article and that also helped me understand the structure of this myth or disaster (in Sontag's article) movies. They are basically all the same. I realized as well that i've seen too many of the same structured myth movies)))

  2. Very good post ! I completely agree with everything. I also felt that Segar's article was screaming Casey. He definitely fits all of the examples and the movies is laid out in such a way that it's tht noticeable