Thursday, October 17, 2013

Motivation Behind the Myths

           “What’s Motivating This Writer?” written by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein in the book They Say, I Say is all about accessing readings with different viewpoints. They state that the discussions are livelier and attract a greater number of students. They felt that by changing the opening questions it would change the people students approach and understand academic readings. “Creating the Myth” written by Linda Seger is about myths in story lines and the universal pattern we continually see in films. Seger explains that all of us have similar experiences and we are following a universal story, the same stories successful films follow.

         The argument Seger poses is that many movies follow a certain guideline and it makes them predictable. According to Seger “Whatever our culture, there are universal stories that form the basis for all our particular stories” (Seger 334), these stories come from different cultures but they are known everywhere and they are the basic plots that most successful films are based on. The motivation behind her article is to explain the universal storyline and the myths that come from true experiences. Seger uses Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi as examples of myths about people that are larger than life and seem to live their life more intensely than others. This idea is motivation for filmmakers as well and is the point Seger is making in her article.  Filmmakers use these myths as their storyline and it becomes familiar to us because it is something we could relate to or predict in some way. The same ideas are present in another article by Susan Sontag “The Imagination of Disaster” in which Sontag discusses the predictability amongst sci-fi films. She uses the same method Seger uses and lists the events that we continually see happen in these types of films.

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  1. Good stuff, Maria! But look a little closer at the reading before settling on that answer about her motivation. Think about who she wrote this for.