Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Man..who needs Books when I got the Streets?!

"Hidden Intellectualism" by Gerald Staff has honestly been one of the most attention-grabbing piece of literature I have read in a while. The article begins by stating what we would say when we see someone whos intelligent about so many things do poorly in school just because he is "street smart".  We would assume its a waste of smarts or potential even though we dont seem to consider what exactly is going on that he cant perform well academically. Staff explains that schools and colleges overlook the potential of street smarts and because of that , its their fault for not expanding our intellectual horizons. He also offers his own experience as a case that will backup his points. I was able to relate to many of these experiences such as Staff trying to get approval from the "hoods" which were the working-class of the neighborhood.  He suggests that every student should read models of intellectually challenging writing. My favorite part of this piece is the last sentence where he states that he rather read a sharp argued issue of Source over a life-less explaination of Hamlet.

I took the time to read this article in the lunchroom once class ended because I knew I had many productive activities to do at home and I wasnt going to want to read it anywhere but school. ( non productive as well such as finish GTA ) . Once I started reading this article , I immediately thought of someone like this and he was sitting right next to me. My friend who I shall remain nameless has done his share bit of bad things in his life. He was previously in what our society would like to name as a " social club". He was a dropout in high school and recently had got his GED to return to school in the FALL.  Ive noticed that he has always been into technology and always talking to me about whats to come in our futures. I couldnt help but try to find a reason of why he has been failing school and yet he has so much potential and is clearly smart. After reading this article, I think about things different and dont blame him completely anymore. Thats not to say that its NONE of his fault since he has clearly made some bad choices in life. We need to take our nonacademic interests as objects of academic study. After rereading this article 2 times, I suggested it to him to read it and to tell me what he thinks about it. He claims to blame the school system for it all even though he knows that thats not true.

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  1. You CAN'T be finished with GTAV, already? It's got like 100+ hours of content!

    Great post, and I'm glad you related it personally and shared it, too! But what else can you tell us about your reading process? What parts stood out? Which did you need to reread? Why didn't you spell the author's name right ;-)