Monday, October 21, 2013

WHats wrong with Hip Hop

I have read the article Hip-Hop is no longer cooler than me by Paul Kix. Kix uses some of hip hop's artists albums as his reference such as Nas Hip Hop is Dead Album. this relates to the article that Kix has written because it talks about how bad Hip Hop has become and how we are more entertaining than Hip Hop  just as Nas Album announces. Nas album helps with what Kix is saying very well because they both are saying the same thing. As Kix grew up with a older fat friend who is also from Iowa who loves Hip Hop just as much as he does. Kiz also talks about the old generation being down with things the new generation does such as what a Hip Hop artist named Soulja Boy created, a dance called Crank dat soulja boy.

I think Nas does help kix with Hip Hop not being cool anymore because it  is not fun anymore is someone in our generation to do the dance that is  made for us specificly. I like how his friend that he met on the bus who loved Hip Hop just as much as him let him listen to his radio that was so kind of him.

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  1. Late!

    You're not really telling us anything about Nas' album. When did it come out? Was it popular? What was it "about"? And most importanly, HOW does it help Kix' Claim? You can't just say it does because you agree that modern hip hop isn't good ;-)