Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to make a sci-fi movie

The Faculty is a sci-fi/ horror movie directed by Robert Rodriguez. The movie is about a group of high schoolers trying to stop an alien invasion. In the opening scene of the movie, everything seemed normal. The nerd was being bullied, the freak was being made fun of, and the abusive couple were hitting and cursing at each other. The crazy began to happen when Coach Willis stabbed the principal in the hand. Principal Drake tried defending herself but failed. She became a zombie of the alien. The audience is introduced to the main characters in the following scene. We have Casey Conner, the passive geek who's used to getting punched in the face and crying about it in the bathroom. Next we have Deliah Proffit, the hot slutty superficial head of the cheerleading squad. Following is Deliah's boyfriend, Stan Rosado. Of course he's the star player of the football team. Only thing is, he wants to quit sports to focus on his education. Next up is intelligent bad boy Zeke. The freak of this adventure was goth chick Stokely Michelle. And what school wouldn't be complete without the new girl. Southern belle Marybeth Hutchingson played this part. Casey ,he geek, finds some new type of species. He takes it to Prof Furlong to be examined. After realizing that water brings the creature back to life, they decide it should be bought to the university. After witnessing more weird things, Casey shares his theory about alien invasion. No one believes him until Prof Furlong tries to kill them. After escaping for the school, the group of unlikely friends try to come up with a plan to save everyone. Zeke discovers that a drug called diuretic can kill the monster. During the meeting everyone began questioning each other. In order to prove that they weren't aliens, each person had to sniff the drug. Turns out the cheerleader was an alien. She managed to escape the group after she destroyed Zeke's lab. Luckily Zeke had some more drugs in his car. The group decides to take the battle back to school. During the football game they attempt to find the "Queen Bee' and kill it. Eventually Marybeth showed her true colors and turned into a huge alien. Casey defeated her by trapping her in the benches and sticking three syringes full of diuretic in her eye.

The faculty followed the strict line of Susan Sontag's second model scenario. The first step of making a sci-fi horror film is to have a character suddenly behave strangely.In The Faculty Coach Willis had to be the crazy person. After the meeting about budget, Principal Drake went back to the office to retrieve her keys. In the office she was stabbed with a pencil by Coach Willis, It seems that discussing the school's budget is stressful but assaulting someone over it is a little crazy. By accidentally knocking over a glass, they learn water resuscitates the creature. The second part to this step is to have the main character try to warn the authority without any effect. After discovering Mrs. Brummel's body in the closet, Casey tried to tell the police and his parents. None would listen. His parents blamed drugs and told him to see a shrink. The third step is to have the rest of the characters be skeptical of the truth and try to rationalize the events going on. And be sure that the monster is claiming people. When Casey shared his theory to the group, they criticized him. Meanwhile students and teachers were still being turned. The final step in making a sci-fi is to have the hero discover the monster's vulnerability and prepare for battle. Be sure to include a bunch of setback. In the movie the teens discovered that diuretic dehydrates the parasite and kills it. After gaining this knowledge, the imposter in the group destroys the lab thus making it impossible to create more of the drug. Darn it!!

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