Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hidden Intellectualism

In the article "Hidden Intellectualism" the author, Gerald Graff, talks about intellectualism and anti intellectualism, and whether  a person can become an intellectual from "street smarts" or "book smarts." The author gives examples of other writers and articles, and also supports the article with his own experience of being "unable to read with pleasure or comprehension and his alienation from  the intellectual ways of  talking that school and college rewarded,"  therefore he presented himself as a "typical child of the  anti intellectual fifties."

How I interact with the text. Well, usually I read at home and used to love reading in trains. However, this article I read outside. When reading at home I hardly can concentrate because it's either tv, phone, internet or my dog who steals my attention. So, I sometimes go to the library or to the parks (if it's not cold outside, of course), and as today is really warm I've done my reading out in the open air. The only distraction I had is the passing by people when I started, but in about half an hour I totally excluded myself from the surroundings and immersed in the reading.


  1. I've recently started going to the park to read, too, Mariya! I fill up a thermos of coffee or tea, some water for my dog, and we take a nice walk to the park, sit down, he chews on a stick, and I read and sip my drink :-) But I also have to turn my phone off :-)

    1. Yep, phones are very distracting... As much as i'm enjoying all the capabilities of the smartphones, sometimes i just wish we didn't have all that luxury. And also think of how people used to live without all that gadgets and were fine with it. I remember as a kid we had to remember the address of the friend, just go straight to their house and ask if he/she wants to go outside for a walk, we didn't need the phone. It was much simpler.