Thursday, October 17, 2013

hicCups Food

bvvnvnMy close reading is the article Dont blame the eater by David Zinczenko he tells us in his article that the booming of fast food resturants is not helping our health many us are becoming obese and becoming dependent on these foods instead of making our own foods we tend to go for the fastfood .David also tells us that there are more fast food resturants than nutrional food businesses . He gives us personal experience as an obese child  he says there were limited choices of nutrional food its not like now that kids have a variety to choose from .He says people turn to fast food because its cheap and fast .


  1. I think that Mr. Zinczenko knew what he was saying. When hunger creeps up on you, would you rather go in the kitchen and make an extravagant, healthy meal which takes about, let's say, half an hour to make, or would you rather pay Mcdonalds one dollar and get a Mcdouble which will be ready for you to eat in about a minute or two? I'll have one Mcdouble please.

  2. I dunno. I prefer my meat to have actual meat in it ;-)

    This isn't a bad summary, Melissa, but where's your answer to the questions?

  3. Pink slime is everywhere, kind of hard to avoid it; but i concur, actual meat is definitely the preferred choice.

    Melissa, what I believe the professor is trying to say is that you have here some lettuce, tomato, hamburger buns, ketchup, mustard, all that good stuff, but no meat! Can't have a hamburger without the meat. :(