Thursday, October 31, 2013

He is on time for the Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone! And welcome back dear Dracula! You're right on time for the creepy season of the year. We've been waiting for your came back for over 100 years, and now you are here with us. Let's start celebrating that with the Halloween and the new TV series of Dracula on NBS channel.

The new show that came out last friday to set us for the right direction for the holiday mood is just the beginning of an amazing and completely unexpected turn over in the story of the original Dracula by Bram Stocker.

The series premier showed different approach from the producers and screenwriters. They made the show more interesting and complex by adding some new plots and ideas into the story. For example, the Count appears as an American businessman and is an employer of Reinfield. Which is very possible comparing to the book, because Reinfield was under his influence or spell should we say, so he is with the Dracula now in the show. Another, unexpected turn over is that we see a new woman who is way better fighter than some man nowadays (lol). She is obviously against the vampires, as she keeps one in the cage. However, the story of our group of people who fought the Dracula in the book remained with the slightest change, but overall stayed untouched. Only Mina now is studying medicine unlike the book where she was a school teacher. Lucy stayed in her charming character as well, and Harker is also keeps his position as a journalist.

Even-though the first episode was about 40 minutes it had a good start and kept it's viewers glued to the screens. It's definitely an updated version of the Dracula we all know and hopefully the whole season of it is as interesting as the first pilot episode.     

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