Sunday, October 13, 2013

eww aliens

In class we began by viewing the classic film  the faculty .The movie starts out in a teachers meeting were discussions about which school programs will get funded and which one will not . All the other programs such as drama ,computers will not receive any money for new materials except for the football team which will recieve new knee pads and uniforms . When the principal is asked why cant they get funding but the drama or new computers for the school or even a educational trip to New york .The principal basically says that this state is a football state .Which she kinda meant to say with that comment that foot ball is a much important sport than any other academic program . Besides that we learn about the high school and how its students are kinda in there own social group like the nerds are with the nerds the jocks with the jocks .Also there are alot of sterotypes like the fact that a jock has to date a cheerleader. And Stan is not expected to succeed within his studies so teachers let him slide  .He breezes through his classes because professors allow him to cheat and change his grade from a d to a . Also that the organization of the school is completely disorganized ,and that the faculty little by little have been changed into the leechy aliens .They plan to take over the school and town .Cassey is a nerdy boy who is the schools newspaper and is in love with the editor .Delilah who use to date stan until she found out he quit the football team to focus on his studies . She tells stan she cant be with him because cheerleaders only date the captain on the foot ball team .Stokes is a emo girl who uses her sexual orientation to isolate her self from the rest of the student body .She leads every one to think she is a lesbian ,while that is until she discovers she has athing for stan so her cover is blown she is not popular she's a social outcast. Zeke is a drug dealer who doesnt get attention from his parents who are constantly traveling . He is not popular ,but defends cassey a couple of times .

Cassey in science class discovers a live organism which he found on the field  after having a small confrentation . He takes the organism to the science teacher who later on discovers the organsims  reaction to water .The science teacher puts  the new found species in the fish tank and later on puts his hand in the  tank and gets bitten by the organism    and then discovers that the species and replicate . Mrs .Brummel is killed and the casey ,zeke,delilah,Marybeth,Stokes.Come together after discovering the school is being taken over by aliens .Each one of the students play a role one a jock an outcast a nerd a sexually confused girl .They soon discover that the only thing that is going to help them is Zekes drugs which they have a limited supply of they become suspicious of each other and take each a diosage of drugs to prove if they are infected they discover delilah is one .She leaves and joins the other aliens .Zekes house is destroyed and so are the rest of the drugs ,There is a limited supply left the gang decides to go after Coach         .The hide and run away .Trap themselves in the school to learn that all along the Queen is Mary beth and she infects stokes .Cassey traps stocks in a cage.And he and marybeth get confrentational  and he runs away from her sees her true self and then gives her a shot of drugs ,lateron she dies . Noone ever thought it was her because she seemed so innocent and sweet .

Within the film the faculty the Kevin Williamson uses the myth of aliens to show that humans can be controlled .He uses the fear we have towards them to show us that anyone can be a hero like cassey the nerd who everyone thought was going to be killed untill mary beth flashed her true colors and told us she was the queen .Myths happen to be found in all cultures they are considered to be universal .

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  1. This feels a little off-topic. You were asked to analyze it using either Seger or Sontag's article :-/