Sunday, October 6, 2013

Disaster of Sci-Fi Films

          Susan Sontag writes about science fiction and components of sci-fi films in her article “The Imagination of Disaster”.  She explains the basic plots and the predictability around science fiction films.  She uses many examples from a variety of different films, but they all have some quality in common. Sontag compares Sci-Fi’s to horror movies, claiming they partly overlap each other. “There is undeniable pleasure we derive from looking at freaks, at being excluded from the category of the human.”(Sontag 324). Much like Stephen Kings opinion is “Why We Crave Horror Movies”, we seek pleasure and a thrill in something completely insane and unrealistic. She continues to evaluate sci-fi films in her article, and continually finds the same progression and story line in each one.

          According to Sontag sci-fi films are not at all based on science, but they are about destruction. Science films are mostly concerned with wreaking havoc and making a mess. “And it is in the imagery of destruction that the core of a good science fiction lies.” (321). It seems to be the theme amongst sci-fi films, according to Sontag. This notion is extremely important to her argument because this is the underlying notion that all sci-fi films seemed to be based upon. In some way or another, destruction is somewhere or everywhere in these films. Sontag does not seem to be a big fan of sci-fi films. In a lot of ways she’s sort of bashing them. She states that they’re all the same and predictable. But even though she doesn’t seem to be too fond of them, she knows a lot about them. Out of all the examples she used I was only familiar with about three titles. She might know a great deal about the subject, but sci-fi just isn’t her cup of tea.


  1. You grasped so much from the reading that I blindly skipped over. Great Job Analyzing the Text.

    1. Thank you. I tried my best. It took me a while to really get into it and pay attention. This reading was very different compared to the other's we've done so far.

    2. Agreed! This is a great summary! But hopefully, after yesterday's class, you don't still think she's "bashing" sci-fi films :-)