Friday, October 18, 2013

Deadly food

My close reading is Don't Blame The Eater by David Zinczenko. They are arguing who fault is it that people are becoming obese and are putting on a few extra pounds. There are people who would rather choose a fast food meal rather than to cook on their own. Zinczenko is arguing that fast food can not take the whole 100% of people's diabetes and obesity because it's the person who it is happening to, he or she made the decision on what they wanted to eat. Zinczenko was also one of them people when he was younger before he reached college and joined the Navy Reserves and got involved in health magazines, which helped him turn his life around. People are not getting enough information on the things that they are eating, the commercials now in days catch their attention and make them think its good for you or what not but never tells you how its good for you as ingredients and e.t.c.

We haven't talked about fast food restaurants or what we should or should not eat in class but I eat fast food once in a while but i know what I should or should not eat I play football and I've worked in a gym. I only eat fast food only if its in the area and I am hungry. I do eat a lot but I am also athletic so i can eat bad and still look like i am eating good.

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    Aside from that, it looks like you're just summarizing the article. Where are your answers to the questions about the writer's motivation?