Sunday, October 20, 2013


The reading I have chosen is "My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead" by Chuck Klosterman. In this article Klosterman talks about popularity of zombies and why so many people love them. He believes that zombies popularity is because of how simple they are. Klosterman wrote "there are slow zombies and there are fast zombies"(385). Another reason they're so simple is because their easy to kill. He also talks about the difference between a vampire and a zombie apocalypse. 
One source that Klosterman used in his article was AMC's "The Walking Dead". This show is follows Rick Grimes and his group of survivors through a zombie apocalypse. While fighting millions of zombies throughout the show they are also fighting against other people and must come up with a plan to survive. "The Walking Dead" relates exactly to what Klosterman is talking about in his article about the popularity of zombies. According to a New York Times article written by Bill Carter, "‘Walking Dead’ Premiere Is Highest Rated Show of TV Season" Season four of "The Walking Dead" pulled in 16.1 million views. So far that number has pulled in more views then any NFL game this season. It also topped the popular TV show "Breaking Bad" finale. This supports what Klosterman is saying because a show about zombies has topped everything and is more popular right now. For the show to top half of an NFL season is pretty impressive because of the popularity of sports in this time. It also was able to drawn in more viewers then other popular TV shows which help to support why people appeal to zombies. Since so many people are watching it, it's  obvious that, as Klosterman said "if you dig zombies, you dig the entire zombie concept"(387). Which shows that zombies have constistant popularity as time goes by

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  1. Good stuff here, Patrick!

    But how does The Walking Dead support his Claim that the simplicity of zombies is their biggest selling point? I mean, did you see last night's episode? Things are always more complicated than just zombies on that show :-)