Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ball is life.

Gearald Graff wrote a book called Clueless in Academe: How Schooling obscures the Life of the mind. One of his essays Hidden Intellectualism talks about how street smarts can arguably help students who do not have an interest in school. Graff talks about his childhood and how he was more interested in sports rather then his school work. He presents the idea that if teachers/professors were to include personal interest, such as sports, into assignment or reports then students would have more to say and say it more creatively. Graff also talks about how "the hoods" make people feel like they need to be street smart in order to be "tough". He presents this idea from his own personal experience of someone who would bully him. The pressure of being the "toughest" person around causes the need for street smarts. 

  As I read this essay I felt a strong connection to it. I also suffered from lack of interest in school work. I would rather watch sports or read sports articles rather then study or read a book. Because of my lak of interest it made my writing boring. As I grew older and was able to relate personal interest into my writing, it got a lot better and passionate. 
  I was reading this while In my colors hallways. I found a peaceful place to sit and read. As my friends pass me I found myself ignoring them inorder to continue reading. I felt that I had a connection to this essay because I am extreamly interested in sports. Sometimes I sit in class and read articles about recent sports news instead of what's going on in class.
 I completely agree with Graff because if you are not interested in what you are reading or writing you can not write  passionately. I also agree that street smarts can also help with real life situations. Being street smart enables you to talk about a variety of topics with a variety of people. Our different interest is what brings us together, although our thoughts may differ. As I grew up I basically lived by the streets. I would always be outside and I always knew how to keep up with people if not I knew how to one up them. It helped me throughout my life because I was able to adapt to different environments and in a way "survive the Brooklyn life style". If we a students can write more on personal topics then our interest in school may go up along with overall grades. 

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  1. What are your "colors hallway"?

    And tell us more about your reading process!