Thursday, September 19, 2013

You see it and now you Dont the Art of Immersion

In the article "The art of Immersion Fear of fiction ",the author Frank Rose tells us that books have been downgraded  due to the love we have for movies . He tells us that "It is an envoirment real as the world it becomes and is the truth ".With this quote he basically tells us that we perceive movies to be as realistic as the world we live in. He uses the example of the movie "Avatar" , a movie which has incredible graphics and makes you feel as if you were there . Movies tend to take us to a certain place make us believe it is real . A example were we see this in is in the Harry Potter series of books which were  extremely detailed in describing every movement of a character as well as every  feeling . When adapted into a movie the movie made us believe we were at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft  and Wizardry .When the books first surfaced many children including my self would stand in long lines at Barnes and Nobles to get the latest sequel ,but as the popularity of each sequel to the movie adapted it created less  popularity for the books. Technology allows us to decide what is real and what is not ,it gives us a option of knowing what's real or not without asking it .Technology has  changed our perception towards what we expect a movie should be and also it has made a great deal of competition towards books and novels . Although books have  given us an imagination towards a world of imagination but technology and movies have put us in the action moment it has changed the way we view the world .


  1. This is a little all over the place, Melissa. You start by summarizing but quickly move on to your own examples of what Rose is discussing. But where's the rest of your summary? Where's the answer to question 4?

    1. Luckily, you already posted this week, so you didn't really need this ;-)