Thursday, September 26, 2013

Woah there, Vamps still lurking around?

The reading “Why Vampires Never Die” by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan brings up various points in which we have been discussing in class. Some of these points are the idea of immortality, lust, and this idea of finding an "escape". These points are also brought up in some  other readings we have been focusing on. One reading that we see these points being brought up is Stephen King's "Why We Crave Horror Movies". Stephen King explains this idea that we need horror films to create this sort of release. This release eases our inner dark temptations inorder to keep us sane. Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan brought up the idea of immortality. The reason vampires appeal to us so much is because they're immortal. The idea of immortality cause our minds to wonder about the posibilities. The idea of what if and imagination causes our minds to wonder. In Eric Camarillo's "Vampires And why we love them" he explains how vampires have been a success over so many generations. Camarillo talks about how vampires can fit into different genres that can please our different taste and needs for movies or books. Some genres that he uses as examples are drama, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comedy, and mystery. By being able to please all these genres it helps us to get into our own world or have this escape from reality. This can also be related to another article we read "The Art of Immersion". In this article Frank Rose explains why we become so engulfed into fiction. We need fiction to give us this escape from reality, and to emerge into a different world. If we go into this different world then we can do what we like. The laws and rules of life do not matter we can do as we please. Gravity, death, and righteousness doesn't matter in a fictional world. 

The idea of lust is also an idea shown in all these articles. Vampires nowadays carry such sexual connotations that, although it may not appear obvious it hit us in a subconscious way. The little things are what can trigger off such thinking. In "Dracula" Bram Stolker continuously uses the word voluptuous and uses the color red a lot to describe his vampires. Just when reading the word voluptuous can set of a sort of sensation through us.(at least it does to me :p) Red also is highly used as sexual in the novel. By portraying sexual connotations through vampires it sets a sort of urge and suspense in our thoughts. When we get....."excited" we want to continue on to see what happens next. The lust causes deep thoughts and another type of escape from reality because of all the thoughts that come to mind when reading things such as voluptuous. 


  1. This is in no way a constructive comment, doesn't spark a conversation or anything like that but I just need to say the last paragraph oh myyy goddd. I laughed forever.

  2. Good stuff, Patrick! But I'm curious how the authors's ideas support you last paragraph. I don't think you're wrong; I just wanna see the evidence :-)