Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why We Crave Dracula

So I was chilling online last night, waiting for your Practice Blogs on "Why We Crave Horror Movies" to come in, when I stumbled across this:

And it still makes me laugh, haha!

But then I realized, what a perfect example of what Steven King is writing about! Really, I should be concerned that this poor young woman just fell through a glass coffee table onto candles that lit her yoga pants on fire. But no. I'm sitting here, cracking up at her misfortune.

Now that we've discussed this in class, let's take it and apply it to the first six chapters of Dracula (your reading for the long weekend). After summarizing the chapters, begin to analyze the novel from King's perspective. Does his explanation for why we crave horror movies apply to novels? If so, how, specifically, with Dracula? If not, what could be some other reasons for the novel's enduring popularity. Regardless, cite some examples from the novel and/or the article to make your argument.

Also, remember that you need to post before midnight on Sunday, and comment before class on Monday!

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

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