Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Hospital Birthed 'Vampyre the First'

You can go up to anybody today and ask them "What is the most popular vampire entertainment so far?" You may not get the same answer, but you sure will get an answer. The media today is very involved in a supernatural life including, superheroes, zombies, werewolves and most common, vampires. Vampires are the thrill of many shows and movies. Their fluorescent skin and sharp teeth are not the only reason why we cannot control our way around them. A major reason is because they have been apart of us all our life.

Both Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan are believers of the everlasting vampire tales. In Why Vampires Never Die the authors establishes the idea of vampires not only being apart of our time today but apart of our time since the beginning. 

They begin by telling us where the vampire that we know today came from. How John William Polidori managed to create an idea that "vampyres" were both romantic lovers and monstrous creatures. However, they explain that Polidori may have got his idea from past stories that come from many different cultures of many different times. Then Del Toro and Hogan further explain how the idea of vampires has lasted all through our time span - being in movies, soap operas, fiction, etc. With vampires, figuratively, in our everyday life - we start to 'live' through them and embrace their abilities (like moving with quickness, obsessive control over another, and most importantly immortality). 

To compare to prior text based on pop culture, we can see that they are all heading in the same direction. Stephen King's Why We Crave Horror Movies is the idea of how we need to control our inner thirst of danger and Eric Camarillo's Vampires and Why We Love Them illustrates that we express our fears and desires through these blood sucking creatures. These pieces of literature explains that we have kept the ideas of vampires in our society for so long because we essentially need them to survive. Think about it. King's whole theory is that we go to see horrific cinemas and ride heart-aching roller coasters for release. Replace these activities with the idea of vampires. Vampires entering your home to not only suck your blood but to feed you the knowledge you plead about your fears and desires. They explain how outcast are not irrelevant but ignored because society afraid to accept them. Camarillo is tagging along with King saying that Vampires are great candidates to express the mundanes' characteristics because they are the outcast of the world and can relate to the majority of the world who do not "fit in". 

Vampires never die because they are manifested in our minds from start. We are scared to delete them because no other creature can explain who we are without being half animal (werewolves), unable to communicate properly (zombies and mummies) or invisible (ghost). Vampires look like humans and although they are dead, they survive by imitating humans. Vampires and humans relate similarly to where we need each other to survive. So maybe, the hospital that vampyres were first born is the alternate idea of the Garden of Eden?

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  1. Really interesting points here, Enosha--especially the final one!