Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vampires: Why we love them, Why we crave them & Why they never die

While reading “Why Vampires Never Die” by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan a similar relation was noticed to three other authors Eric Camarillo, Stephen King and even Frank Rose. According to Del Toro and Hogan, their idea of why vampires never die is that we as the audience are fascinated by the idea of immortality.  To never die, to have as long as we wish to fulfill our dreams and goals and to be anything we want at any particular point in time, is what keeps our attention. It is exactly what we as humans wish we had more of. Time is everything to us.

The ideas of these next three authors are similar to the thoughts and ideas of Camarillo in the sense of fears. Camarillo states “Vampires, unlike other monsters, encapsulate the fears and desires of the time periods that created them.In King’s article he mentions that we crave horror. We also crave the ideas of intimacy being ok and there not being any bad taste between male and female. According to Rose, we look for that escape. The fact that we can let fictional ideas and characters help us escape into a world we know we can’t be apart of is what captures our minds and keeps us reading or watching (depending if it’s a book or film). Maybe not when reading Dracula, but when watching Vampire shows or reading books that are new to our generation, we have to admit that it would be awesome to be a vampire! Vampires are very sexual and their actions have no consequences,  who wouldn’t want a life that seems that exhilarating?

I’m most certainly sure the authors mentioned above don’t know each other from a hole in the wall, however it is interesting how they uniquely state their views on vampires. What is even more appealing is how their ideas of these creatures (if that’s what they are considered) all tie together and clearly explain in words why we love vampires, why we crave them and why they will never die. This is something I don’t believe any of us would’ve been able to express had we not read all these articles and discussed it in class. (I know I wouldn’t have ever been able to explain it).

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  1. Good post, heaven. But some of these authors undoubtedly know each other. A couple of them are pretty famous ;-)