Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vampires are the new "Pandora Box"

    The article that we've discussed "Why we crave horror movies" by Stephen King, "Vampires and why we love them" by Eric Camarillo,  Frank Rose's "The art of immersion: fear and fiction," and the latest one by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan "Why vampires never die" are all related. Although these articles maybe have same ideas about pop culture, how present society immersed in it,  but surely have different points of view on the theme of so popular vampires and horror.
    Nowadays people are so interested in horror movies, films and books about vampires, tv shows of various monsters like zombies and werewolves, etc. That is so strange, it looks like with all this technology improvements people are more immersed in a "web world." We almost always hear us talking about movies, tv shows, monsters and it seems that this is the only themes people are discussing. What has become more important to us? Is it a social networking, technology or just a desire to feel something different, unreal through all of that gadgets? To experience what we can never do or be, the desire of the unknown, dangerous, horrifying and sweet. "We want to be immersed in something that's not real at all." And the vampire thing is a new "Pandora Box" for us, it's interesting, intriguing and tempting. Vampires have changed for our society that knows what we want, they've changed from ugly , scary monsters to a beautiful, sparkling creatures what we would love to invite to our loves.

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  1. This isn't a bad post, Mariya, but you're not really responding to the prompt. Are these authors all agreeing or disagreeing or something else?