Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To Love a Vampire

To Love a Vampire

Response to Vampires and Why We Love Them

So Eric is basically the quintessential vampire expert (and not for nothing anyone that writes a one-

hundred-page thesis on vampires BETTER BE an expert.)  I say that because I found him to be quite

open-minded unlike most die-hard vampire fans that have no tolerance for the new vamps on the

block e.g.  Twilight.  However, he does acknowledge, which is pretty obvious by one of is

illustrations that the

new era of vampires have in some sense taken away from the horror aspect associated with

vampires from the Victorian era.  It is now replaced with starry-eyed teenage girls who fantasize

that one day her bloodsucking knight and shining armor will come along and sweep her off her feet.

Eric also goes on to name a few authors who have written vampire literature such as Stephanie

Meyer, Dr. Polidori, Sheridan Le Fanu, Nina Auerbach  as well as Anne Rice in which he lightly

touches on how each of the authors’ works have manifested into the “evolution of the vampire”

throughout the ages.

 In closing I will say that I really enjoyed Eric’s article. One of the things that he mentions in his

article that got me excited was how he likened vampires to serial killers and how they were a

product of society. That really got me thinking how we really need a well written and well directed

prequel. I think most die-hard vampire fans would this and it would give them something to talk

about. I do not consider myself a die-hard van of vampire movies but I, like many others grew up on

Dracula as well and I think it would be interesting to see Dracula as a mortal and learn more about

his life.


  1. This isn't bad, King, if formatted a little funky :-)

    But why do you think the book was popular when it was published?

  2. I have no ideal how it got formatted that way. I'll try to make sure it won't happen on my next post