Friday, September 20, 2013

The Power of the Mind

            In response to Frank Rose’s short story “The Art of Immersion: Fear of Fiction”, he speaks about how people would rather live in the fantasy world then living in reality. Rose states, “It’s what we think we want. What we really want is to go back to Pandora, even though we’ve never been there in the first place”. With this being said a great example would be the movie Avatar, which the movie is about a young disabled soldier, after the death of his brother, he takes on his brother’s mission into another world called Pandora. He takes the identity of  an “Avatar”, which then he learns their ways and bonds with the Na’vi people, he realizes how he would rather live in that “Fantasy” world then reality being disabled and not being able to walk.
          Another example is the movie “The Great and Powerful Oz”. The movie is about a magician who falls into a world of people who believed him to be a great wizard. Which was a whole different reality, a different environment which everyone worships him. He wanted to live something that’s not real, which was taking the name of the Wizard of Oz. Even though he knew what his true reality was he loved the attention everyone was giving him and the image of being the Great and Powerful.

          As for a real life experience, my nephew Jacob is 5 years old and he is PDD Autistic and ADHD. Because of his disorders his imagination takes over his reality. He takes things literally, he cannot accept sarcasm, so it’s like he gets confused with what he see on TV with what is reality. He knows in real life that he cannot do certain things, but because he sees it in cartoons he feels as if he can be a cartoon, as if he is a character in the cartoon. He knows that certain things are not real but he wants to believe it’s real because he know that it is fun for him.


  1. Sorry for the misspelled words, i was trying to beat the time. Unfortunately it won.

  2. No worries about misspelling words, so long as I can actually read your post. Which I can!

    But it's a little all over the place. You start by summarizing the article but then summarize Avatar and The Great and Powerful Oz? And why didn't you answer question 4?

  3. It was really touching that you included a personal story about your nephew, it showed me that you are in some way especially connected with this idea of the line between imagination and reality blurring. I was wondering are there times where your around your nephew playing with or speaking to him where you almost feel your sucked into his imagination and what is that like for you?

    1. Great question! There's a whole area of study in child psychology centered on pretend play, but I don't know if anyone's studied the effects on adults!

    2. Thank you Annmarie, but yea definitely. Especially when he speaks to me, he would get so excited after watching a cartoon or one of his favorite shows on Netflix called "My Babysitter's a Vampire". It's a fantasy/supernatural drama/ horror comedy for kids. He would get so excited and some what amazed as he explains what that particular episode is about to the point where he reenacts the scene. For example, just about an hour ago he was watching that Vampire show that he loves, and he took his little toy sword and was reenacting a part of the scene as if i was a vampire, which then he stabbed me with it in my arm as he was repeating the words they said in that scene. Then of course i started playing with him. Jacob knows what is real and what is fiction, but when he starts to play he does not know when to stop. Which eventually leads him to hurt himself at times,even when he believes he is a super hero and can jump from one side of the room to the next. It's definitely a challenge each day. I really enjoy having to share that imagination with him, because i grew up very family orientated, and my family was always there for support no matter what age. So, speaking or playing with my nephew and his HUGE imagination/his own world, allows me to see things different and I love playing with him because I get to experience something different. =)

    3. But one of my questions is, do you think with him watching these children horror/comedy shows, it would impact any kind of influence because of his disorders?