Sunday, September 15, 2013

The man of many faces / Battle of the minds Dracula

 Jonathan Harker , a solicitor from London is eager to engage a business proposition with his boss's client count Dracula. He first arrives in Carpathians , where he experiences a weary, dreadful vibe from local countrymen directted at himself. though unsure what to make of it he gathers what information he can attain and continues his journey. He travels to Transylvania by way of carriage , where he is later escorted by one of Dracula's men. Harker describes the route as dark , dreaded and eery. The darkness flooded with howls from wolves and screams of freat from the horses. this immideately strikes fear in Harker , not knowing what to do , but to simple endure what obsticle may greet him next.

When he finally does arrive at Count Dracula's manor he is greeted by Dracula himself. Harker describes Dracula as tall , clean-shaven , and coated in black his hands hold great strength  but is also cold as ice , "more like the hand of a dead than a living man". (pp.17) Harker also notices Dracula looks particularly young for is age. as he begins to settle inside , it doesn't take long until Harker gets a sense of confinement. he feels as if he is being trapped within the manor. he eats breakfast as well as other things alone. he feels uncomfortable , like he's being studied. dracula's intentions are unclear as of now , though he seems to play mind games , sounding vague and cryptic most of the time. the coversations between harker and dracula seems to leave harker distraught , he finds himself in situations that proves to be a test for his resolve.  

The fact that Dracula's has not "shown has hands" yet makes me very eager to continue and find out what happens next. Harker remains on his toes , as I am also.

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  1. Good summary here, raheemgrenald.

    But do we see King's ideas at play in the novel?