Monday, September 16, 2013

The count and his scary ways

 Within Chapter 1 of Dracula ; Harker receives a warning from the innkeepers wife that all the evil things in the worlf are out and about ,sothe innkeepers gives him a crucifix for protection .He receives the crufix but doesn’t like the idea of having anything relating to the catholic church because he is Angelican .Later on the way to the mountains he is given small gifts to protect him from the evil eye .Within Chapter 2 Harker begins to ask the count the history of Translyvania .Count mentions the countrys battles and history ,also begins to speak wonders of his family name . A couple of days pass and the count speaks bad of the English life and law. Lateron Dracula tells Harker to write a letter to his fiancé and employer  basically telling them that he will stay much longer like a month longer.Harker seems to have feed a undesireable need to please the counts request.Dracula tells harker to only sleep within his own room no were else .Harker sees Dracula crawling through the face of the castle  and wonders what type of animal is he ? .In chapter3 Later that after noon Harker had been exploring the castle and falls asleep in a room he sees three beautiful women with sharp teeth .The women approach him having a desire to bite him Dracula appears and warns not to do anything to Harker that he will get to him first.  Later in Chapter 4 there is a party were gypies are present harker gives the gypies the letters he had written to mina thinking they will arrive safely. The letters never arrived Dracula later that day discovered the letters and hadsaid to harker that he felt betrayed that he would try and leave . Later that day he also notives that gypies were carrying big wooden boxes outside  harker thinks there is a time and chance of escape . In chapter five Dracula promises Harker he can leave the next day but he doesn’t leave at all . Dracula opens the front door there stands some wolves . Chapter 5  Mina and lucy write letters to each other describing their relationships and different locations because Mina lives in England and lucy in westernra . In this chapter background information about mina is being showed she is a assiant school mistrss .Mina tells Lucy that her fiancé is on his way home and lucy tells us about her marriage  prospects from  doctors to rich men ,but she only has accepted Arthur holmwood.  Chapter 6 tells us through a jounal entry that Mina misses her fiancé and she listens to Lucys wedding plans . Also states that she hasn’t heard from Harker and is worried .Steven Kings interepetion of why we crave horror stories does apply to the book Dracula because we all feel the urge and need to read and see horror movies we feel a constant thrill while escaping our own world . He mentions its thr thrill of riding a roller coaster that keeps us wanting more.

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  1. Your summary is more of a list of events; try to weave these more fluidly in the future, just hitting on the main points that relate to your topic.

    You also haven't told us how King's theories apply to Dracula specifically--instead simply restating his points in general.

    And why is the whole thing in italics?