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The bloodsucking, Count Dracula!

George Williams                                                                                                                      
Eng 24
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The bloodsucking, Count Dracula!
Upon Jonathan Harker's first conversation with the Count in front of his castle, I got the impression that Dracula was but a very nice, well mannered, fellow. From the welcoming, comforting Mr. Harker, insisting he carry Mr. Harker's bags because he was his guest. You may have believed this man was gentle and wouldn't harm a fly. For Mr. Harker was a solicitor seeking the Count about some real estate in England that he was interested in purchasing. Little did Jonathan Harker know he was embarking on a journey that he would never forget, or come back from for that matter.
Mr. Harker seemed to enjoy his stay at the Count’s castle in Transylvania at first. The two talked as Mr. Harker dined, the room was comfy, and everything seemed to be just fine. On May 8th precisely is when Mr. Harker began to feel a type of way about the place, discomforting. He writes, “..for there is something so strange about this place and all in it that I cannot but feel uneasy. I wish I were safe out of it, or that I had never come.” This stemming from the night before where the Count and Mr. Harker stayed up talking all night ‘til they heard the crow of a cock bringing in the morning. Although Mr. Harker would have liked to sleep, he felt obligated to meet his host’s wishes in every way. Not being able to sleep at own free will in a house can make someone feel uneasy.
As the days went by, Dracula had asked Mr. Harker to send letters to his family and friends letting them all know he was okay. He told Harker however what it was exactly he must say in these letters and that he shouldn’t stray away from what it was he told him to write. Letters telling his family and friends that he was okay and indeed coming home in a month, given that’s how long Dracula wanted him to stay in his castle. As the Count left the castle at nights Mr. Harker would roam. Upon realizing the front door to the castle was locked and couldn’t be opened, he began to feel like a prisoner. He ended up finding a room in the castle where he came across three witches who tried to bite his neck which they refer to as, “kissing” in the text. Dracula came in and saved him before they got a chance however telling the three witches, “..I promise you that when I am done with him you shall kiss him at your own will.” So be it, Mr. Harkers journal ends with him nailing the bloodsucker in the forehead with a shovel in his sleep, then going back to his room to plot on his escape from the castle in which he was imprisoned.
After Harkers journal, begins letters his girlfriend, Mina, has written as well as diaries from others. 

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  1. This is a really detailed summary, George. But where's your analysis based on King's ideas?