Friday, September 20, 2013

Sucked into a Dream World

       In the essay "The Art of Immersion: Fear of Fiction", Frank Rose explained how the mediums of different generations sucked people into fantasy worlds which some believe is dangerous. One of the first forms of entertainment were novels. Rose used fictional character Don Quixote as an example to show what happens to a person when they become indulged in a book. After reading so many books about knights, he decided to become a knight. With his horse, Don Quixote traveled the world looking for knightly duties. He became so immersed in his books that he began to live as a character from one them. It became his reality.
       The next medium to come was serialization. Serialization was the publication of novels through weekly or monthly installments. A critic for the North British Review wrote against serialization claiming it mingled dreams with daily life. It allowed people to dream out, be put back in reality, then dream out again. The critic also claimed that serialization wasn't the right way to indulge because it wasn't a healthy recreation like sports.
       About a hundred years later movies or "talkies" became popular.  Brave New World's author, Aldous Huxley claimed he felt phantom lips as he watched actors kiss on screen. This sensation became to be known as "feelies'. In the 1950's television became the newest source of entertainment. It soon became the truth because logical thought could't compare to tv. Now of days people immerse themselves in the internet with social networking, gaming, and watching programs. Rose suggested that in this world of photoshop and scripted reality show, knowing what is real becomes difficult to find out. In a way reality and fiction is intertwined.
       Frank Rose ends his essay by saying we think we want authenticity. But what we really want is to go back to the fantasy world. I completely agree this statement. People go to the movies and read books to escape reality. We enjoy the dream world these mediums give us because our reality is routine and boring. I believe people enjoyed Bram Stoker's Dracula because it was so out of the ordinary.People sleeping in coffins and crawling down walls weren't normal things to do. People got to live out a fantasy while reading it. Another reason we enjoy these fictional worlds is because we get to live out a life not of our own.

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