Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oh Mr.King, How right you are!

                  So when we first start reading we meet Jonathan Harker, a solicitor who helped Count Dracula purchase an estate in London. My immediate thoughts were that this man is going to be Dracula’s first victim. Throughout the whole process of Harker reaching Castle Dracula, the suspense was killing me. The way the old lady at the inn begged for him to stay and was so worried, and the way the people in the town they passed did the sign of the cross it seemed to me like the author was building us up until the point where we encounter Dracula and the horror begins. The whole time I was reading I kept thinking of Stephen King’s article and how everything he wrote rang true because the whole time I was reading I was waiting for something horrible to happen to Jonathan Harker. And I’ll admit I was disappointed when we are finally introduced to Count Dracula and he was so nice and courteous. I was expecting a big bad scary man who lurks in the dark of night and is always up to no good. As we continue reading we learn that he is in fact scary, he does prowl the night and he is very mysterious but his manner towards Harker was always very polite and didn't match up to my expectations. As the chapters progress Harkers fear grows as he learns he is a prisoner and that Dracula is no normal human being.  Once again this got me excited because I thought finally something is going to happen and this isn't going to end well for Harker. You must be thinking that I am such a horrible person, but I doubt I was the only one thinking this way reading this book. I think it is safe to say that Harker did not survive although his demise wasn't by the hands of Dracula but by the three wicked women he encountered who couldn't wait for the taste of his blood.      
                   Stephen King was absolutely correct when he said we are all a little deranged. And that horror, whether it is in movies or books, is like a sick joke that appeals to all the worst in us. There was plenty of excitement and suspense that kept me interested and wanting to know more but I am patiently waiting for the horror to begin. So now all I want to know is where is Dracula and when is he going to do something scary?


  1. Maria I can relate to your post when you said you were disappointed that Dracula was rather nice and welcoming to Mr. Harker but then as you said more and more into the book he became his true self by being very sneaky. You also said you were in suspense since the beginning of the book and I also agree with that because I was the same way! I can see were on the same page and looking foward to what will happen in the next few chapters.

  2. I'm glad you guys are into the book!

    But you're right, Dracula really plays up the whole "gentleman" stereotype. We'll discuss why the author made that choice in class :-)

    Maria, be sure, in the future, to save your thoughts, opinions, and interpretations for after your summary :-)

  3. I agree that there is this expectation of more action when initially reading "Dracula," since some of the scariest films created about "Dracula" including Francis Ford Coppola's adaptation were filled with plenty of blood sucking, sexy scenes. Bram Stoker's novel can seem to drag while we wait for the Count to do his deed so to speak. We are so used to seeing violence and blood in the horror genre we forget how scary the expectation of evil and anticipation of conflict can be.