Friday, September 27, 2013

Mario cart

   Have you ever heard the phrase history seems always to repeat itself . I believe that state ment is quite true as early as the Victorian era we have seemed to find the thrill in horror movies and have identified ourselves with the scary vampire.
    In the article why vampires never die ,Guillermo del Toro ,and chuck Hogan gives us a descriptive reasons towards why we are attracted to such character .They state" The vampire transforms our vile mortal selves into the gold of eternal youth  and instills in us something that every social construct seeks to squash ."the idea of that vampires have no social boundaries and moral values draws us to them also the idea they can live forever  fulfills a void within us  like a specific need we have that we would like to fill .The idea of being immortal mind blows us and at the same time gives us a hope . Also in the article Del toro and hogan discuss that the reason Dracula was so popular then and continues to be now. There was so much technology being used the idea of telegraphs and typing machines  at that time it was unknown for there to be such advancement .even scientifically the idea you could receive a blood transfusion was mind blogging . I think that's why Dracula continues to be so popular even now because we are in a time of social and technological change. 

     Connecting  this idea with Eric caramillos article" why we love horror movies" and  Stephan kings article "why we crave horror movies .All three articles share the same foundation that we have the crave  to want to live forever .like. When you play a game of Mario you don't want to always die or fall off a bridge you wanna live and get to the castle and see the princess . Also vampires have no souls so the idea you can live forever and have no feeling or moral sense of your actions fills a void in us .vampires aren't Religious they Rome the world free without a care of the world . Within our society we tend to worry and care what others think of us  . 

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