Friday, September 27, 2013

It's going to take alot more than garlic to hold Vampires down

       The concept of vampires has been around for so long that its origin in unknown. Its so well know that people of almost all languages have an idea of what a vampire is. But how did these creatures become so powerful and why haven't they died off? Well we keep them alive because they are apart of us. Vampires mirror the human race. They look like us, talk like us, and can adapt to the revolutionizing world.  The main difference between humans and vampires is that vamps have no soul.  And of course they're immortal. Vampires represent the evils within ourselves. They also represent the things we humans desire. Essentially they are the ying to our yang, the fruit to our loops.
        It is no coincidence vampires are often antagonists of stories. They represent characteristics unwanted by society. During the Victorian Era, The British had a fear of foreigners, sexually aggressive women, and men with feminine qualities. In Bram Stoker's "Dracula", Dracula was a foreigner, who turned "good" women into seductive voluptuous spawns of satan. Eric Camarilla hit the nail on the head in his article" Vampires and Why We Love Them", when he said "the fears and prejudices the English held at that time" could clearly be seen. Not only do we see the fears of the time, but also the wants.  By reading "Dracula", readers can easily tell that the English wanted submissive wives, and men who don't show emotions. They also wanted the gift of immortality.
       Who wouldn't want the power to live forever? You'll have the time to travel the world, play every single video game ever created, and even watch trees grow up. Sounds exciting right? In the articles "Vampires and Why We Love Them" and "Why Vampires Never Die", the authors claim we're so intrigued with Vampers because of their immorality.  The idea of never getting old while living forever seems like the ultimate power especially in a society where everything is timed and a person's looks are always judged. Another reason we're drawn to their immortality is because they have the freedom to do what they want when the want. Vampires are always associated with darkness. This implies that they have no religion. And having no religion means their souls wont be judged by a higher being. There is no fear of going to hell.
       Vampires wont die not only because of their immortality but because we wont let them.  They represent the dark part of our souls. In a way vampires has become the scapegoat of humans. All of the undesired human traits are put into these beings. They then represent the taboos of society. Ironically we are the source of their immortality. We keep them alive by putting our unwanted traits into a free will body ready to roam the worlds of fiction. In "Why We Crave Horror Movies" by Stephen King, he agrees that "our emotions and fears form their own body and it demands its own exercise." Vampires will always be here because we will always find an imperfection with ourselves. And we need outlets for those imperfections.


  1. Late! But what a great title :-)

    And this is some good synthesis!

  2. I thought your post was good! I agree when you said vampires are us. Your right, they look like us they blend in and yes even better there immortality! It's harder to know who the vampire is if they look like a human to us! And your right we do keep then alive because we never seem to stop loving watching these films ect.