Thursday, September 19, 2013

Immersion at it's finest / Fear of fiction

Rose is strongly convinced that that the era of novels , have declined at an alarming rate. The disinterest mainly due to the popularity of movies and the birth of the television. This immersion that television creates seem to entrance its viewers , persuade viewers to believe that what thier viewing is accuality. as quoted by faber "It's environment as real as the world. it comes and is the truth." Since television  is at times, taken place in the real world , people will eventually assume that television is factual. 

Rose uses the film "Avatar" as an example of how a film can  entrance a viewer. The animation and cutting edge technology used creates a virtual, almost real-looking world that without common sense you may actually think it's reality. That reason alone , the mere fantasy that a storyline like "Avatar" may happen  one day attracts a large amount of viewers and supporters.

Another example would be the popular TV series " The walking dead" TWD has a massive amount of supporters due to the fact that people genuinely love this fantasy which is the zombie apocalypse. The appearance of zombies , though very unlikely of ever occurring , is able to stir up a hidden , well kept delusion that the " zombie Apocalypse is upon us".

What i do believe, in regards to authenticity , both books and television / film can provide you with facts selectively. books can be fictional as well as TV. Whatever information you decide is concrete is entirely up to yourself.


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  1. This isn't a bad summary, raheemgrenald. But where's your answer to question 4?