Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Many Days Does It Take A Vampire to Kill You? Lets Find Out..

For this being my first time reading Dracula, I assumed the plot to go in a different direction. I thought that not only Dracula would be the narrator but they would explain how he became a child of the night.  However, that was not so. Im not sure if thats a bad thing or not.

Jonathan, a man soon to encounter unfortunate events, is traveling to Transylvania on his way to meet the Count Dracula and help him understand his new estate in London. On his way he's warned by many to not to continue his trip but he refuses to listen. Once he arrives, he meets the interesting Dracula. Although Dracula seems like the greatest host, he comes off a bit awkward like not being around in the morning and not eating during supper. Sooner than later, Dracula becomes more demanding towards his guest. Jonathan starts to realize that Dracula's Castle has no mirrors & later learns that he has no reflection. Becoming more weary of Dracula, Jonathan does some investigation & sees Dracula climbing on his wall & holding female creatures in one of the many rooms. Now that he knows he his destined to becomes someones meal, he tries his best to pretend he doesn't know what may become of him in the near future so he can escape with out Dracula becoming suspicious. The day Dracula plans Jonathan's departure is the day when he (Jonathan) tries to escapes & we don't hear from him again (in the next 2 chapters)

The next two chapters are either frivolous or placed to help build the future of the novel. It is Jonathan's fiancé (Mina) story and what she has been up to while Jonathan has been away.

To go back to our prior ideas on horror vs this the human mind, we can be under the impression that Stephen King was right about us "craving" not only horror movies but horror in general. Take Jonathan for instant, he was warned that his trip may be a danger to him. The old lady & the citizen in Chapter One hinted to him the trouble he may get into if he continued his journey. Is it that Jonathan was clueless to their clues? Less likely. Like King said, it may be that Jonathan was trying to show off his bravery. He was trying to prove something as if he could foresee the danger ahead but thought he was invincible.

Sadly, we don't know what happens to Jonathan. the anticipation of Jonathan's survival or death is not only nerve wrecking but enticing. My real question is, what was Dracula preparing for? Why does he wait more than a month to decide to dine on Jonathan when he had him incarcerated in his own home.

-Enosha ..


  1. This is an excellent post, Enosha, and you both make great observations and ask important questions! We'll start delving into these questions tomorrow!

  2. i too thought the narrator would be Dracula. this was definitely a shock to me as well. i was a tad bit confused in the beginning when i saw it was journal entries from a different character. i thought the gore would start from the very beginning.

  3. I've read a few of the blogs and I must say, this was the most intriguing. I liked your connection to Stephen King's article where you put together Jonathan Harker's want to go to the castle as a sign of his bravery. Great connection, but I disagree. I think his motivation and disregard of what he was being told was merely his focus on his job. He set out to do his job and intended to get it done no matter the circumstance is all. Just my humble opinion. ^_^